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Hi! I’m Brittany, the blogger behind Garden of Vegan. I also run its companion site, I Love Vegan.

I created this blog to keep me inspired and motivated when I first began focusing on my health after years of engaging in an array of disordered eating habits (You can read more about my history with that, here.) Not long after starting this blog I began eating a vegan diet and it quickly became a place for me to share my new way of eating with others.

Garden of Vegan is updated daily with photos of some of my healthy meals and snacks. It’s purpose is to encourage a healthy relationship with food and prove that eating vegan can be simple, fresh, and delicious. Garden of Vegan’s readership has grown to surpass 1.5 million followers and is featured in Tumblr’s Food and Drink Spotlight.

You can me follow here on Tumblr, via RSS, or Bloglovin’. You’ll also find Garden of Vegan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

If you’re interested in partnering with Garden of Vegan through sponsorship or advertising, check out our sponsorship page or contact Brittany directly at brittany[at]ilovevegan[dot]com

What is I Love Vegan?

I Love Vegan is a collaborative project run by myself and my partner William. Our goal is help make living a healthy vegan lifestyle simple and easy to sustain.

Not long after I began sharing photos of the healthy meals that I was eating it became clear that many of my readers were looking for more than photos of healthy vegan food. They wanted to know how they could make these kinds of foods too!

We decided to make a separate blog that could fulfill this duty. We hope to help anyone that’s interested in veganism and healthy eating, especially those that may not be used to preparing their own food or are interested in veganism but don’t know how to get started.

Visit for recipes, helpful vegan resources, tutorials, product reviews, and more!

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